Kannu is a learning management system designed by educators, for educators. Our goal is to activate online learning with pedagogical flexibility and peer interaction, on a thoughtfully designed platform. With Kannu, courses are engaging, interactive, and customizable.
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It's learning, completely reimagined.

User-Friendly Interface
The right user experience transforms online learning. We built a platform that learners actually want to use, both on desktop and mobile. It's beautiful, intuitive, and effective.
Active Learning Environment
With dynamic tools like media galleries, direct messaging, and user portfolios, Kannu lets students learn from you—and each other.
Meaningful Analytics
You can learn from your students too. Surveys, assessment tools, and engagement statistics help educators ensure that content is productive, and learning objectives are met.
Active Learning Tools
  • Student Galleries
  • Direct Messaging
  • Multimedia Embedding
  • Participation Assessment
  • Discussion Forums
  • User Portfolios
  • Peer Assessment
  • Announcements
  • Gradebook Statistics
Additional Features
  • Course Cloning
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Single Sign-On
  • LTI Integration
  • Calendar
  • Site-Wide Analytics
  • SIS Integration
  • E-Commerce

Get in touch

Whatever part of the journey you're on, there's a Kannu for you.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated support team proactively maintains help documentation on every feature, teaches a video course for instructors, and can even train new instructors as they come on board.

“The dashboards for educators are simplified and user friendly—no user manual required to update, create assignments, or view grades and performance analytics.”
Jay LeBeouf, Real Industry


We'll set up a unique portal to match your brand, with SSO, SIS, and LTI integrations as you need them. If you need straightforward & secure e-commerce, we’ve got that too.

Scalable Servers

From small to big, our dynamic cloud-based infrastructure never needs upkeep, and always works the way you want it to.

“Students remark about the positive experience they have with the platform, that the design and organization gave clarity to course materials... I could tell that they enjoyed logging in to augment their learning.”
Shawn Greenlee, RISD

Flexible Pricing

We offer Kannu at a competitive per-user price. Contact us for more information about how to get started at an affordable cost.

Contact us for more info, or to schedule a free demo/trial of Kannu