Whatever journey
you’re on, there’s a
Kannu for you.

Every Kannu portal comes with custom branding and configuration. Our user-based subscription means you only pay for the users you need, so it scales with you.

A portal is your very own Kannu site. We customize it to look and feel like you. You get your own login page, URL, branding, and administrative settings. It’s also protected and secure—we adhere to strict data privacy standards and policies set around the globe.

We’d love that. Contact us and we’ll set you up with a fully featured sandbox environment—it’s free!

Yes. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps are subscription-based services that run "in the cloud." That means we host and maintain all of the infrastructure you need, and ensure things are always running smoothly. On top of that, updates are automatic and frequent (usually one to two per month), so you never have to be bothered by manual upgrades, or worry about handling increased user load.

Free! We believe the right tools come with the right instructions, which is why quality support comes standard with Kannu. You get full access to documentation and a special Kannu training portal with video tutorials for every feature. You even get a dedicated support manager who can meet with you to help you get the most out of the platform.

Contact us for more info, or to schedule a free demo/trial of Kannu